You're facing losses from unexpected events you can't prevent.

From making rocket fuel in a hall kitchen to hanging laundry on a sprinkler head, bad things happen that can cost big money to fix.

How long will it take?

As little as two weeks!

When we talk to schools, we hear stories about the pain they endure over third party and student losses. GradGuard delivers an effortless, proven, and easily integrated renters insurance plan to solve these problems.

Could you save $100,000 with renters insurance?

You might save that and more with our effortless, no cost solution to address the growing problem of student liability and property losses.

Dealing with losses take a toll on staff, brings uncollected receivables and bad debts. With reduced budgets, you need to limit wasting resources anywhere you can.

Adversarial situations can affect your school's reputation at a time when every student matters and competition is high.

We have flexible setup options based on your institution’s existing technology. When we talk, we'll walk you through the process that hundreds of schools nationwide have used.

I'd like to learn more.

What is college renters insurance?

Quality coverage
for student property including electronics.

Protect student property from financial losses due to theft, fire, smoke, water damage and more with College Renters Insurance from GradGuard. It's fast, easy, and custom made for college life.

Avoid high deductibles
from filing a claim with a parent's homeowners policy.

No credit check
and no penalty when filing a claim.

Liability and worldwide
property coverage that can be paused.

“GradGuard came to the rescue. The $100,000 from GradGuard significantly helped housing assume all of those costs."

Mike Beatty, San Francisco State University after a $190,000 claim for water damage

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